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Privacy Policy

These are the following privacy policy.

Your privacy is our concern…

We are sincere about protecting our clients by addressing all potential privacy concerns. Our privacy policy guidelines are equally applicable to all of our clients. We do not share your personal data with any of our (a) business partners or (b) Third-party service providers. So, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure you with data privacy and security, as it outlines our commitments towards your privacy protection.

How we collect our clients’ personal data during the website visit

The information we collect from all of our website visitors includes the time and date of the visitor request, language preference, and referring site. For a better experience for our clients, we may also require you to provide us with your email address, name and country. This personal information might be used by us to identify you or contact you. Our privacy policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and equivalents regulatory governing data protection act in India.

Other privacy policies that are strictly followed by us in our business

  1. All the information of the students is absolutely safe with us, as it is kept only within our company.
  2. We do not give out any information regarding the student or their assignments to any third party or any other student.
  3. All tutor information is strictly kept secret by us.

What you need to know about us to keep our privacy policy transparent to you

  • We offer various payment gateways to ensure secure transactions for you as per your convenience. These payment gateways include apple pay, PayPal, google pay, etc. We also accept visa debit cards and master cards for instant transactions with a proper security concern.
  • We value your privacy and the importance of the personal information of the students. Keeping your privacy concern at our top priority level, we have also collaborated with the platforms like Mastercard, Alipay, Google pay and many more so that they only have access to your student's credit card.
  • To make you benefitted solely from our service and privacy policies, we protect all your emails with utmost care and prevent any third-party access to them. Thus, we would like to inform our clients through email regarding the successful sign-up on our website.
  • Our website reserves the right to modification of our privacy policy at any time if it needs. So, we would like to request you to review our website frequently. In any case like this, we promise you that we will still be committed to your privacy and security concerns. So, to maintain this transparency, we would be bound to inform you regarding any changes in our service, website or software.

P.S.Personal information of our clients does not include non-personally identifying data. In exceptional cases, we may use aggregated data for better optimisation, improvements, and operation of our website service.

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